ShareDrop is like Apple’s AirDrop, but for all devices, and all you need is your browser


ShareDrop is like Apple's AirDrop, but for all devices, and all you need is your browser

Apple’s AirDrop is a handy tool for wirelessly transferring files to other devices–but it only works for Macs and iOS. ShareDrop is an HTML5 clone of AirDrop and perhaps the easiest and quickest way to share files with others on the same local network; all you need is to visit the site and drag-and-drop files to your recipient.

There are no downloads needed, no set up required. In addition to being on the same local network, however, both devices would need an internet connection. (Unlike AirDrop’s local ad hoc network.)

As explained on ShareDrop’s GitHub page, the webapp uses WebRTC for the secure peer-to-peer file transfer, along with Firebase for presence management and WebRTC signaling.

All you have to do to directly transfer one or more files is open from each device (desktop or Android), using Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Then, you should see all the connected devices and can drag and drop files onto their avatar in the webpage. The files aren’t ever uploaded to any server, and once the recipient accepts the file, the download starts right away.