Best New Apps: ‘Gentlemen!’

Few mobile games offer single-screen action with friends as intense and fun as Lucky Frame’s Gentlemen! Sure, there are multiplayer experiences like swapping turns in Letterpress or fighting for the highest score in Ridiculous Fishing, but nothing quite like this. It’s sort of like a two-player take on Super Crate Box mixed with Spy vs. Spy, only instead of having to kill off waves of enemies, you’ll need to dispose of a human foe sitting right across from you. You’ll compete across a handful of simple levels and game modes in a duel to the death, and all you can really do is jump and attack. Sometimes the goal is to simply kill your opponent a certain number of times, while at other times you can just steal their diamonds instead. And you’ll have a wide range of weapons at your disposal, from knives and bombs to killer homing pigeons.

This all leads to a rather frantic experience, especially with Gentlemen!’s gravity-defying physics, which let you run along both the floor and the ceiling, and to switch directions mid-air. What makes things particularly challenging is that you and your opponent are sharing the same device — all of the menus and text are mirrored, so that players can read it from either end — and you always have the option to cheat and tap their controls at inopportune moments. Add in randomly distributed weapons and you end up with a game that will have two players gripping either end of an iPad very tightly. Gentlemen! is an exciting change of pace from a studio that brought us music-focused games like Wave Trip and Bad Hotel, and it’s available now on the iPad and Android tablets for $4.99.

via the verge


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