Apple lança a app “iTunes 12 Days of Christmas”, livros, apps, músicas, filmes e séries grátis

Atenção que esta app só funciona de 26 de Dezembro a 6 de Janeiro!

Yesterday we told you Apple re-launched the “iTunes 12 Days of Christmas” website in Europe for the 2010 holiday season. On the website, a banner suggested that an official iPhone app would come soon to let users receive push notifications for exclusive offers in the iTunes Store. The app is now available, it’s free and it runs both on the iPhone and iPad.

From December 26th until January 6th, Apple will give away a selection of books, apps, songs, movies and TV episodes for free. The app doesn’t show much right, except that it asks you for push notification authorization and it displays a countdown to the daily giveaway on screen.

The app is not available in the US Store, I downloaded my copy from the UK one. I guess it should be available in other European stores as well. If you have a UK account, you can go download the app here



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