MacPilot – Active funcionalidades escondidas e optimize o MAC OS X

These are just a few of the over 1,000 features that MacPilot has to offer.


  • Show icons on the Desktop
  • Show hidden files and folders
  • Enable the “Cut” menu item
  • Disable custom icons on removable and remote volumes
  • Prevent .DS_Store creation on a network
  • Toggle window state restoration on restart
  • Disable Finder alternating row colors
  • Turn off interface sound effects
  • Add a “Quit Finder” menu item
  • Toggle Finder visual effects
  • Hide & disable Finder menu items
  • Show POSIX path in window titles
  • Change the Finder Label Line Count
  • Disable Desktop Icons
  • Increase icon grid padding
  • Modify max. characters shown in file names
  • Restrict access to certain Finder operations


  • Disable launch animation
  • Prevent bounce notifications
  • Enable single application mode
  • Spring load all items
  • Toggle feature to turn icons for hidden applications transparent
  • Automatically hide/show the Dock
  • Limit the Dock to only open applications
  • Disable Leopard’s 3D Dock appearance
  • Toggle the Dock shadow
  • Toggle the Dock magnification
  • Highlight stack items on mouse-over
  • Include a “Recent Items” stack
  • Lock the size, position, orientation, contents, magnification, and effect of the dock
  • Change the orientation, pinning, and effect


  • Show the Debug menu
  • Disable native PDF support
  • Buffer text drawing
  • Disable RSS support
  • Enable background printing by default
  • Print headers and footers by default
  • Verbose logging
  • Always check for world leaks
  • Enable the tab bar
  • Forget that Netscape, Mozilla or IE bookmarks were imported
  • Show the Safari build number in the window title
  • Enable tool-tip mouse overs for links
  • Log JavaScript exceptions
  • Reduce timed delay before rendering a page and scrolling
  • Disable and delete the cache
  • Turn off site icons or change their storage location
  • Change cache & history limits and options


  • Enable bundle plugins
  • Enable Java & JavaScript
  • Disable auto check for new mail on launch
  • Show invisible control characters in message source
  • Use Plain Text message content by default instead of HTML
  • Allow JavaScript popup windows
  • Automatically add invitations to iCal
  • Change bundle compatibility version
  • Enable numerous logging options
  • Increase the debugging log level


  • Automatically mount disks without user login
  • Skip disk image checksum verification
  • Show every partition in Disk Utility
  • Include the Disk Utility debug menu
  • Show advanced disk image options in Disk Utility
  • Add Eject menu to the menubar
  • Change UPS and Battery disk spindown time
  • Toggle the sudden motion sensor for drives
  • View detailed disk information such as partition type, free space, boot flags, and more.
  • Verify disk permissions
  • Repair disk permissions
  • Enable or disable journaling
  • Verify and repair disks
  • Repair Mac OS 9 permissions


  • View detailed network statistics and setting information for each device
  • Change over 50 advanced network settings manually
  • Optimize for broadband (cable modem, DSL, PPPoE, Satellite, and more!)

Sharing (Server)

  • List the server on AppleTalk and/or Bonjour
  • Allow guest and/or root login
  • Create home folders if they do not exist
  • Enforce home folder quotas
  • Grant admin users root access
  • Allow admins to masquerade as other users
  • Force Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 admins to only see shares instead of all disks
  • Auto-restart the file server on crash
  • Enable bit locking
  • Change the server name
  • Enable the server greeting, and choose to only send once
  • Enact a different server permissions model
  • Change the TCP Message Quantum
  • Increase the maximum server connections
  • Change the TTL of the Server Token Key
  • Increase the TTL of the Reconnect Token
  • Modify the maximum thread limit
  • Specify a maximum number of guests
  • Tinker with the tickle time
  • Change the AFP Server port
  • Determine which encoding to use with Mac OS 9 clients
  • Modify the authentication mode
  • Set the reconnect flag
  • Notify connecting users if the server is full
  • Enable SSH Tunneling
  • Enable idle disconnect for admins, guests, active users, and registered users
  • Allow clients to sleep, and for how long
  • Set the idle disconnect time
  • Create an idle disconnect message
  • Enable logging of file creations, deletions and opens, folder creations, logins, and logouts
  • Change the activity and error log size and retention


  • Disable a secondary processor
  • Mute the startup chime
  • Show kernel panics on screen
  • Use Power Button as NMI
  • Limit the amount of system RAM
  • Show active screen corners
  • Change the startup mode to Normal, Verbose, Safe or Single User
  • Specify custom boot arguements
  • Change the default umask for file permissions
  • Modify the default behavior of the crash reporter

Sharing (Client)

  • Show the authentication type
  • Allow clear text passwords
  • Show warning for clear text passwords
  • Display login greeting
  • Immutable directories
  • Soft auto-mount directories
  • Display SSH warning
  • Allow, Force, and/or Require SSH
  • Force Kerberos
  • Soft-mount volumes
  • Use default username
  • Use short username
  • Log debugging information
  • Allow reconnects
  • Allow Add to Keychain option
  • Search Keychain for username and password
  • Change the debug level
  • Specify a new reconnect interval, max retries, and timeout
  • Choose an idle and active timeout
  • Modify the WAN Threshold and Quantum
  • Change the TTL of the file and directory caches
  • Enable new mount flags
  • Force a new default username


  • Reduce the processor speed
  • Wake on modem ring
  • Toggle the option to wake when the laptop lid is opened
  • Determine if the laptop should wake when the power source is changed
  • Dynamically reduce processor speed based on load
  • Sleep when power button pushed
  • Display sleep dims screen, not turns it off
  • Wake for ethernet activity
  • Change hibernation mode
  • Move the hibernation file
  • Schedule power events to wake, sleep, shutdown, or startup the computer

Login Window

  • Disable >console access
  • Hide admin, local, network, and other users
  • Enable Kiosk mode
  • Remove the restart, shutdown or sleep buttons
  • Use text fields instead of icons
  • Show input menu
  • Show admin host info (ip, date/time, OS version, etc.)
  • Change desktop picture
  • Modify the retries until password hint
  • Set welcome text
  • Enable a startup delay


  • Lock or unlock files or folders
  • Visify or invisify files or folders
  • Delete files or folders securely with root permissions
  • Verify preference file integrity
  • Erase unused preference files
  • Wipe Access Control List Data (ACL)
  • Erase icon cache
  • Clear recent files list
  • Clear user cache
  • Erase .DS_Store files from a given folder
  • Force empty trash
  • Create symbolic link
  • Slim binaries to PPC or Intel only
  • Search and rebuild the locate database
  • View, search, and print UNIX manuals
  • Run periodic system maintenance scripts
  • Rebuild Help Viewer database
  • Rebuild Launch Services Database
  • Install Archives preferences pane
  • Update or rebuild prebinding
  • Launch UNIX CUPS Printing System configuration manager
  • Flush System DNS Cache
  • Show the system screensaver on the desktop
  • Reset the printing system
  • Remove unwanted language files
  • Hide, disable, delete, and clean login items
  • View detailed Spotlight information for volumes
  • Delete Spotlight index
  • Toggle Spotlight on desired volumes


  • Specify new default system fonts for applications, messages, labels, tool tips, palettes, title bars, and more
  • Set a new text smoothing limit
  • View, empty, delete, print system logs
  • Show Debug Menu in Address Book, iCal, or Apple Remote Desktop 3
  • Show QuickTime info window at launch
  • Option-click moves cursor to Terminal
  • Terminal window focus follows mouse
  • iPhoto asks for launch after hot plug
  • Use expanded print dialog as default
  • Dashboard developer mode
  • Point iTunes Music Store links to Library
  • Disable the Terminal scrollbar
  • Play high definitiion Front Row trailers
  • Disable dashboard
  • Show Exposé blob
  • Disable internet DMG functionality
  • Enable picture-in-picture Exposé mode
  • Change the default screenshot format, name, and destination
  • Decrease window resize speed
  • Modify the drag and drop delay
  • Enable Quartz interface scaling
  • Disable menubar transparency in Leopard
  • Change the scrollbar arrow orientation
  • Modify the recent items limit
  • View a complete system profile
  • Display a character map for any font, including ASCII, Hex, Octal, Binary codes and Mac and PC Key combos
  • Show the syetm Keyboard Viewer
  • View a complete list of system key combinations
  • Study the list of registered internet ports
  • Search a complete database of Mac Error Codes with descriptions

Download MacPilot 3 (versão 3.4.9)


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